==The Staff==

Prickly Paw: Owner of the blog.

Bendy Sun: Editor

Popular Thunder: Adminstrator



21 Responses to “About”

  1. purple paw Says:

    another blog?

    1. purple paw Says:

      and only 1 page?

      1. purple paw Says:

        why just lay off! everyone already hates you for what you did! 👿

      2. purple paw Says:

        I meant why NOT.

      3. Prickly Paw Says:

        Why be mean?

      4. purple paw Says:

        cause you were.

      5. purple paw Says:

        huh. im tired of arguing. I guess I can stop as long as you NEVER do that agian. (im still not saying I forgive you completely)

      6. purple paw Says:

        in fact I dont forgive you at all but im not going to argue anymore over it. if people forgive you I cant change there mind

      7. purple paw Says:


      8. purple paw Says:

        I will never forgive you prickly paw. nor will golden eagle, blue shield or anyone exept the three people who do!

  2. popularthunder Says:

    go 2 the chat

    1. purple paw Says:

      yeah its a new page

  3. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    hey! Stop being mean to Prickly Paw!

  4. purple paw Says:

    hey spider880 looks like binary bard! (:

    1. purple paw Says:

      oops. I meant 🙂

  5. seriousfox Says:

    add this account and when i’m an author i’ll delete all your mean comments Purple Paw.

    1. purple paw Says:

      then you might as well delete everyones comments because I dont think ANYONE said things nice about anag

  6. purple paw Says:

    hey the new name fits your blog “the worst blog for poptropica”

    1. Random Says:

      That was mean. 😯

      1. purple paw Says:

        well, so far, how much has been said about poptropica? it has all been about prickly paw. nothing here has to do with poptropica. and we all are mad at prickly paw

      2. purple paw Says:

        well, how much has been talked about poptropica? its all been about prickly paw. nun of this has anything to do with poptropica. and we all are mad at prickly paw.

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