Well these glitches are from my old blog – Incredible Fish

Send us some codes. By commenting.

Ctrl+Shift+R Randomize your character.

Ctrl+Shift+S Change your color of your skin.

Ctrl+Shift+H Change your hair color. If The history of your things pops up close it and try again.

Ctrl + Shift + 1 You do a laughing emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 2 You do a crying emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 3 You do a mad emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 4 Jump and Smile emote

I think this is my favorite laughing with red face. Ok do the mad emote then do the laughing emote or what emote you want you do the other emote with red face.

Ctrl + Shift + P Your person gets a Halloween pumpkin mask!

F10 Pause game

F11 Fullscreen

F12 A white bar on the bottom where you can type.

Here’s some you can do with the cell phone from Nabooti Island:

1225-Santa hat and bag
911-Police belt and hat
411-Brain hat
(Credit to muddydragon)

There is this glitch, where you can keep on climbing once in the blimp. Jump on to your rope and keep going up. Don’t click on travel. Once you are in the basket, your character will look like the person in the image below.
(Credit to Speedy Ice)(Picture Credit to Speedy Ice)

Time Tangled Cheat click on the crab 10 times fast after you go off the blimp and the crab blows up.
Image(Credit to Incredible Fish)

Getting a Wine Cup
(warning this only works when you start spy.) Go to the bistro the dining place and go to the chef and tell him you want to be a chef. If you pass his test you get a chef hat. Put it on. Go to the top guy at the table and while the cup apears quickly do Ctrl + Shift + S.
(Credit to Incredible Fish)
Image likkilng your poptropican only works before winning shark tooth kepp on getting hit my coco nuts and bats and geting hit by booga then go on superpower look at the news and exept for ned it shows you but your holding I sign that says unefined unefined


7 Responses to “Glitches!”

  1. purple paw Says:

    here is a standing on rope glitch:
    1: climb up on any rope
    2: press ctrl+shift+4 (or any of the emotes)
    3: your standing on thin air! :0 🙂
    push to the side and you will be pushng agianst nothing! 😆

    1. purple paw Says:

      I meant click to the side

      1. purple paw Says:

        cool, huh? 🙂

  2. popularthunder Says:

    I guess?

    1. purple paw Says:

      can you add it up there?

  3. purple paw Says:


  4. Happy Storm Says:

    gETTIN a wine cup
    go in bistro. pass chef test. get glass. get pass bad agent by going above. then take chef hat off and exit.That is all… Gimme credit though!

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