Recently, Poptropica has added 3 new costumes to the store: Limited Number Robin Hood, Little Demon, and Angel costumes.

Also, there will be a best robot costume contest on Friday, 5:00 Central time. The judges are the members of the blog. Hope to see you then!


hi i am blue shield! i am a new author on this blog! i might leave pts blog because they won’t let me be an admin.

There is a new avatar studio! In my opinion it’s better than the Poptropica Image Generator Motionman made. (i hope he doesn’t see this) But now him and that avatar studio is in competition! I vote for the Avatar Studio.  anyway, it shows hasmat hermit there with flower power!

well, Serious Fox out!

Hello! I am Serious Fox! This will turn into the best blog for poptropica! I am a new author that has been added! Anag please stop being mean. I beg you! Everybody will stop being mean to you if you be nice! I will be nice to you Prickly Paw, i know if i’m nice you’ll stop being mean! So please, why were you mean? can you stop Prickly Paw? and everybody especially Moody Skull, stop being mean. He’ll start being nice if you aren’t so harsh and mean.

Prickly Paw, there have been rumors that you impersonated people, said the f word, and threatened to eat poptropicalthunder all AFTER you said to give you one more chance. Is this true 😕

Well with my evil plans I will add a glitches section with millions of glitches your heart will desire! I will make the section soon.

Congrats Bendy Sun

Prickly Paw: I gave my anag account to sneaky sneeze. Anag is no more.