41 Responses to “Poptropica Chat”

  1. sneaky carot Says:

    Hey.I am ulimate ultra boss god from the jimmy neutron chat room.You aksed if i want to join and i say yes.Also i am curious burger on poptropica.

    Have a nice day.

    1. sneaky carot Says:

      Oh by the way,you do deserve a second chance.

      1. purple paw Says:

        I dont think so.

      2. purple paw Says:

        we gave anag/prickly paw
        many chances (proved in Scary Tomatos reply to comment 13) and he blew all of them.

      3. Calm Spinner Says:

        Actually, this is his fifth chance. Now sixth, for those who are still giving him chances, because like yesterday Neat Whale posted pics of the chatbox and it was Anag insulting PoptropicalThunder in the chatbox.

      4. purple paw Says:

        well make that his seventh chance. read comment 34 under really sorry forgive me

      5. purple paw Says:

        make that seventh

      6. Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:


    2. sneaky carot Says:

      I also changed my chat name to Jimmy neutron

      1. Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:

        😡 Stop!Stop being a fake…

  2. purple paw Says:

    😐 I dont know why he did this but it didnt get him anywhere.

  3. sneaky carot Says:

    well i didn’t get more thank 1 chance

    1. purple paw Says:

      what did you do?

      1. sneaky carot Says:

        I was on where they allow swearing i was typing then i clicked the button that was the back button and acidently swore.

      2. sneaky carot Says:

        By the way the person that banned me was Golden eagle.

      3. purple paw Says:

        well Im not sure who banned prickly paw but it must not have been golden eagle because he got many chances.
        Prickly Paw: Actually, it was Golden Eagle.

      4. purple paw Says:

        well, I dont know

    2. Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:

      😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 Faking me…Muahahahahhahaha!You can’t fake me now!

      1. Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:

        Woot!I have a different name!Eat that!Faking kid..

  4. sneaky carot Says:

    well i only got one chance

    1. purple paw Says:

      but you did it by accedent. prickly paw did it on purpose many times s he shouldent be forgiven.

      1. purple paw Says:

        oops I meant so

  5. sneaky carot Says:

    well if you arent banned purple paw can you please get me unbann

    name on xat chat is jimmy neutron

    1. purple paw Says:

      I don’t know how

  6. Neat Whale can’t comment.

  7. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    that’s it i will never trust and forgive you anymore Anag! You did something again on PHB chat! Sorry but you have been given too many chances.

    1. purple paw Says:


      1. purple paw Says:

        and read comment 34 under really sorry forgive me

  8. Hate Mail.
    My impersonation of haters.
    Episode 1.Muddy skull’s comment.
    Oh your mother hates you she talks about you behind her back I bet when you grow up she is gonna stick your head in a toilet and kick you.I think that your gonna get run over by her car and die.Then at your funeral she’ll be laughing soooo much and everyone else.Everyone would be happy and make fun of you.

    Gray turd productions Any copyright of this material will send you to jail for one second and a fine of air.

    Don’t take this seriously.It is meant to mix the anger of ranch (I hate ranch) and change it in to the happiness of Monjayaki (really good japan food).

    1. Please please don’t take this seriously it is as I said to mix the anger of me when ranch is in my food and change it to Monjayaki

      1. Oh by the way i added the tm sign here now

    2. Hate Mail

      Episode 2.Golden eagle.

      AH!Anag said I am the lamest stupidest person!He also said i am a *beep*.I’m so mad!He cursed so much to me!Why!Do you know what he said?!I won’t even tell I will just roll on and just say something and say it’s right! Ha ha ha!!! Cry’s while laughing because anag is banned! Oh there are little kids here!

      Gray turd productions™.We must stop here now because of budget for this episode and the script writer is very lazy.Gray turd productions™


      Filmed in New jersey.Any copyright of this material is a fine of dust and going to babysit some annoying kids.

  9. Due to budget cuts I may no longer post my Hate mail mimic.I am willing to sell this show to another company sorry.:cry:

    1. Incredible Fish Says:


      1. Prickly Paw Says:

        I know it’s you sneaky carrot!

      2. Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:


      3. smartnoodle Says:

        Yes, we know it’s you Sneaky Carrot!

  10. purple paw Says:

    hey! I got banned in the chat and I never even go there

    1. Bendy Sun Says:

      ??????Idk why. Maybe it was camdak!

      1. Dectective Sneakyc Says:

        That guy I hate that guy! 😡

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