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Have any of you seen my blog? It is and it Stinks!

I guess it’s over, yep it’s official. I got tired. I will miss being here. This is truly a goodbye.

On Chat Anag was better. So stop talking about him so rudely anymore. He never said anything gross on chat. So OUT!

Guys, you may not agree with me on this, but the only way to solve this anag problem is to be nice to him. You know that being mean won’t solve it. It’ll just create more problems. You don’t have to forgive him. At least don’t say bad things about him. He won’t like that. I don’t forgive him myself, but i’m just trying to solve this. Please, he is getting too annoying to me. Moody Skull you don’t even know his mom. You didn’t have to be all harsh. That will make you very mean then you’ll be the enemy cause i’m starting not to like you so much. Anyway,he might start being nice after you do that.